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Leading Consultancy
in Global Hospitality & Real Estate Development

RSG Management Consultancy operations are handled by senior high leveled specialists located both in its Netherlands Head Office (Covering Western Europe) and its Ankara branch (Covering Eastern Europe and Middle East).

The company's decades of experience spans the main areas of activity such as tourism, recreation, residential real estate and office projects covering all feasibilities, assessments, concept creation, design management, development and coordination, management and marketing advisory services.

RSG Management Consultancy aims to offer full scope financial solutions and advisory services to “completed”, “in progress” and “new” real estate related investment projects. Our goal is to assist our clients to maximize their asset's worth by assetting and analyzing their commercial objectives and investment approaches.

With the establishment of consultancy department, RSG, also provides / will provide portfolio management services for its clients investing in properties around Europe.

RSG Management Consultancy provides outstanding services to our shareholders, business partners and property residents - both now and in the future.

Range of Services

Real Estate Development

Finance & Investment

Property Management & Facility Management

Property Feasibility Studies

Sales, Promotion & Marketing

Sales Agent Network

Design Concept & Interior Design

Project & Construction Management

Hospitality & Leisure

Tourism and Recreation

Mixed-use Vacation Investments

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RSG Management Consultancy

Kerkstraat 27 6006 KK Weert
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